The AGM will be held at Archibald House at Spectrum Farms in Creston on October 3 at 1 PM Creston Time at 849 Erickson Rd.

The Kootenay Region Association for Community Living recognizes and supports the rights of all persons to a quality life in the community.

We have underaken a repurposing of the property to provide independent housing and employment for persons with disabilities.  While we will recognize the contribution of Dr. Endicott, we have re-branded the property "Spectrum Farms"  The planned development will take place over the next several years and we expect to have our first employees begin in April 2014.  We will operate a market garden and egg production unity in the summer of 2014.  Look for us at the Creston Valley Farmers Market.  We will be develop a group of volunteers over the winter to help with this endeavor.